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In-depth interpretation of the industry application of QR code inkjet printer

Faced with the increasing demand for QR code identificationin 2018, CYCJET began to push the B series of small characters inkjet printer. The model can realize fast, stable, and precisevariable QR code content identification, and realize product packaging ’one thing, and one code’. Regardless of the previous product quality control or the later product traceability and product marketing, the machine all can lay a solididentification base for products.

Today, CYCJETis ready for deeply interpretwith everyone that whatthe common QR code printer applications are and what functions can be implemented.

What are the main applications of QR code printers?

Based on CYCJET more than ten years of experience in the development, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance of identification equipment, two-dimension code nkjet printer began to transit to fast-moving products industries from the fields of pharmaceuticals, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and electronics industries, circuit boards, precision components, auto parts (such as engines, brake pads, etc.) . More and more food, beverages, and health products began to have the demand of QR code identification, as well as some industrial products, such as tiles.

What functions can the QR Code Printer apply to various products?

1. Get information quickly, such as company information, product information, etc.

2. Site jump,  jump directly to the company website, public number, and small programs.

3. Advertising push and user scan code, directly browse the video, audio content pushed by the business.

4. Mobile shopping mall, users can directly jump to the mall after scanning the code, and use mobile phones directly to place shopping orders.

5. Anti-counterfeit traceability. Through the QR code scan code, consumers can understand the product production, circulation, and anti-counterfeiting traceability.

6. Discount promotions, scan code awards, prize surveys and other forms to get more consumer information feedback.

7. Membership management, accumulated pointsmanagement,  bring more benefits to consumers, and increase user viscosity.

8. Mobile payment, through the scan code for WeChat or Alipay payment to increase efficiency and increase payment channels.

 What kind of code system can be printed by the QR code printer?
Taking a small character printer as an example, a variety of barcodes and two-dimensional code types can be selected, including common QR codes, DM codes, and CODE codes. The following is a detailed introduction of the two more code systems used.

Data Matrix formerly known as Data code, and more often used in electronic components is the DATA MATRIX two-dimensional code.
Data Matrix two-dimensional bar code appearance is a square or rectangular symbol composed of many small squares, and there are ECC000-140 and ECC200 two types. It was invented by Americans,and mainly used for product identification that requires export or international circulation.

The other is the QR code. The QRCode is a square with only two colors. Three of the four corners are printed with a small square pattern. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for us to scan all from 360 degrees. It can be easily identified and the purpose of rapid identification is invented by the Japanese. It is mainly used in Japan and South Korea.

Of course, in addition to the above two kinds of code systems, there are other forms of bar codes, which are not described here.
The two-dimensional code used in product identification is mainlytoachieve what function?

Why we need variable bar code information? In order to realize “one thing, one code”, the Internet of things is a concept that has been very hot in recent years. The Internet of Things is an important part of a new generation of information technology and an important stage of development in the “informatization”era.

Product traceability, through scanning two-dimensional code,real-time and rapid understanding of the production processing, raw materials, authenticity and other important information, we can show our product characteristics to the consumer atimmediate time, andincrease the user’s understanding of our products.At the same timewe can achieve instant reaction to understand consumers’ experience and use this as decision data.

Offline marketing, through the two-dimensional code shown in the figure below, we can see a lot of practical cases in the beverage industry. For example, famous beverage products: Red Bull(Drink), Dongpeng(Drink), and Xiao Ming Tong Xue(Drink), wecan see various Two-dimensional codes on them, There are two types of codes, and one is clear, the other is hidden. The hidden codes generally have reward. You can obtain red envelopes by scanning the code, and you can understand the product information by clear code.
Variabletwo-dimensional code printer workflow introduction:

First, the relevant production companies make or select coding rules, generate a certain number of two-dimensional codes, and form a complete database system.

Send the generated database system to the enterprise responsible for production packaging.

Packagingcompanies receive the database for collation and docking, andsend data to the inkjet printers laser printers or high-resolution inkjet printers and other identification equipmentto code product, finally we can achieve what often say ’one thing one code.’

When the time of delivery is clear, the production area and sales target area of each batch of products can be clearly analyzed. The combined logistics data of the distributors can be used to analyze the situation of stock picking and effectively maintain the healthy development of the market.

Consumers can check the authenticity of each product and product date of production, lot number and other related information.

According to the situation thatscanning code of the client, the company will have a big data analysis system after uploading the data, which will allow the company to have a deeper understanding of the market dynamics of the product.

In-depth analysis of thecase, two-dimensional code inkjet printer in the electronic circuit board industry applications.

At present, in the PCB/FPC, mobile phone backplane and other electronic products began to use a large number of two-dimensional code for product quality management and traceability. How to code the code has become a difficult problem, and what kind of equipment to choose and how to choose the way to code online, andimproving production efficiency and ensuring quality has become the focus of many suppliers.

Manufacturers suggest that customers can also choose the coding platform to infuse the circuit board or electronic components. Each product is given a different, random, encrypted binding unique identification code to achieve one thing one code, and customerscan add a QR code detection systemon the production line at the same time.

Equipped with detection and culling device for high-quality product coding, QR code detection system generates online code and real-time on-line real-time and high-speed real-time coding at a certain speed to ensure no missing code / heavy code / residual code, 100% mobile phone application Read, carry out product can/bottle/carton association, collect consumption data, establish brand marketing database, and implement two-dimensional code marketing, consumption analysis, and product flow query through big data analysis.

Shanghai Yu Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D, production and sales of jet code machines and handheld inkjet printer machines ,laser marking machine,for 15 years. Yu Chang spurting code introduces the technology of the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. The products are not only sold well in China, but also exported to more than 100 countries all over the world, and are the strength manufacturers of the inkjet printer industry.

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