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How to use large character inkjet to replace label

Nowadays, the labeling of goods circulated on the market is based on labels, large to outer packaging and small to nail clipper. Why is this happening? That is because the functions of the previous printers and marking machines are relatively simple. The printers can only print date and other simple information. The application of the marking machine is plagued by material limitations. So, for quite a long time, despite the high cost of labels and complicated equipment, it has become the main method of marking products. But, now the situation has changed. With the maturing technology such as printers and marking machines becoming more and more mature, how to use inkjet printers to replace labels and reduce costs has become a consideration of many large companies and visionary managers top priority. So, how to use inkjet printers and marking machines instead of labels to marking products?

First, what can inkjet printers print? Inkjet printers are no longer able to print single-label content, just as in the past. Large-character printers can print at heights of up to 7cm. This provides the possibility of information coverage for inkjet printer replacement labels. , 7cm inkjet printer printing accuracy up to 200dpi, can print exquisite printed, 7cm height of the inkjet printer line is not limited, single use can print hundreds of thousands of characters, the original tag contains all the content can be inkjet Printing. And the greater advantage of using a printer is that the printers can be networked, and all printers can implement one-for-one code printing. Customers do not need to worry about variable content when labeling.
Secondly, the coding efficiency is high, and traditional labeling is either manual or even manual. Even if professional labeling equipment is used, the equipment investment will not be mentioned for a moment. When the labeling speed is limited, the production efficiency will be greatly limited. The printer will not have such problems, the fastest inkjet printer speed up to 60m/min, greatly improving production efficiency, efficiency has multiplied.

Finally, take a look at the cost, the cost of the label we all know,reduce costs by several cents to a few dollars, it seems that a single price is not high, but the amount is a big investment. However, the cost of jet printing by inkjet printers is relatively low, and the jetting cost is only a few cents, and the cost is doubled.
Large-character inkjet printers are a trend to replace label printers. Coupled with the maturity of these inkjet printer technologies, the portability of inkjet printers and the advantages of editable, on-line printing of real-time information are becoming more and more obvious. The printer will replace the label in the future . For more information about large-character inkjet printers, please visit http://www.cycjet.com or call CYCJET We will provide you with the best solution.
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